Kerala SET Exam Anthropology solved previous year papers
Solved previous year question papers of Kerala SET examination for the candidates to be selected as Higher Secondary School Teachers and Non-Vocational Teachers in VHSE.

Kerala SET Anthropology previous year question papers are attached for your reference with answer keys

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.pdf   Kerala SET Exam Anthropology Question paper 2010.pdf (Size: 55.51 KB / Downloads: 96)
.pdf   Kerala SET Exam Anthropology Question paper 2011.pdf (Size: 54.23 KB / Downloads: 57)
.pdf   Kerala SET Exam Anthropology Answer Key 2010.pdf (Size: 115.86 KB / Downloads: 54)
.pdf   Kerala SET Exam Anthropology Answer Key 2011.pdf (Size: 120.64 KB / Downloads: 49)
Kerala SET Anthropology 2012 question paper with answer key

Attached Files
.pdf   Kerala SET Anthroplogy previous year paper of exam 2012.pdf (Size: 642.32 KB / Downloads: 49)
.pdf   Kerala Set Exam 2012 Anthropology Answer Key.pdf (Size: 657.03 KB / Downloads: 44)

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