Kerala Plus One Model Exam 2022- Political Science Question paper with Answer Key
From the link below download and prepare ....Attached is the Plus One Political Science Question paper 2022 with its answer key...

Sample questions from the question paper are:
  • The Prime Miniiter of India ia appointed by
    a) Vice Preiident
    b) RajyaSabha
    c) Preiident of India
  • Find out the Article which empowers the supreme court to issue writs in case of violation of Fundamental Rights.
    a) Article 32
    b) Article 14
    c) Article 25
    d) Article 30
  • Write any three factors that constitute a nation.
  • State any three forms of structural violence.
  • Explain the powers and functions of the Prime Minister of India.
  • Write a short note on legal rights.
  • Explain any two conflicting areas in Indian Federal System.
  • Discuss John Rawls’s concept of Justice.
For Detailed question paper on +1 Political Science Model Exam with the key click below

.pdf   Plus One Model Exam 2022 Question Paper- POLITICAL SCIENCE.pdf (Size: 1.72 MB / Downloads: 1,363)

.pdf   Plus One Political Science Model Exam 2022 Answer Key by Rani Mam.pdf (Size: 63.36 KB / Downloads: 1,086)

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