Plus One Board Exam 2022- Maths (Commerce) Question paper with Key
Kerala DHSE Plus One Annual Exam 2022 of Maths (Commerce) question paper and answer key in PDF format can be had from the links below.

+1 Maths (Commerce) Exam was held on 17.06.2022.

Some Sample questions from the Plus One Mathematics (Commerce) Annual Exam Question paper 2022
  • A line make x intercept 3 and y intercept 4 on the co-ordinate axes.
         (i)    Write the equation of the line.
         (ii)    Find the distance of the above line from origin.
  • Write the converse and contrapositive of “If n is an odd number, then n is prime”.
  • (i)    A die is thrown. If even number appears, a coin is tossed. Write the sample space.
         (ii)    Three coins are tossed. Find the probability of getting atleast one head.
  • The second and seventh terms of an A.P. are 2 and 22. Find.
           (i)    first term and common difference
           (ii)    stun to 35 terms.
  • Find the square root of 7+24i
  • In how many ways can 4 cards be chosen from 52 playing cards such that all the
    cards are of same colour.

For detailed question paper with answer keys click on the attached links below.

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.pdf   Plus One Board Exam June 2022 Question Paper - MATHS (Commerce).pdf (Size: 572.96 KB / Downloads: 2,210)
.pdf   Plus One Board Exam June 2022 Official Answer Key- Maths (Commerce).pdf (Size: 1.25 MB / Downloads: 1,967)

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