Plus One Improvement exam 2022- English Question Paper and Key
Download Question Paper and answer key of Part 1- English Language examination of Kerala Plus One Improvement examination held on 03.02.2022

Some Sample questions from the paper

1. Choose the correct alternative.

(a)    Neither Rita nor Reena_________ (has/have) a chance to win the prize.
(b)    Atul and Amit________(was/were) present in class.
©    Rice and curry_______(is/are) my favourite dish.
(d)    The price of vegetables______(is/pre) going up steadily.

2. Change into indirect speech.

Maggie said Mrs. Clifford, “show Mr. Gupta the ring.”
“Has your brother sent you a ring ?”, Gupta asked.

3. Elaborate the ideas in the following lines.
“Only the actions of the just, Smell sweet and blossom in the dust.

4. In the story ‘His First Flight’, we see a seagull who was afraid to make his first flight. Later its parents goaded it into action and thereby equipped it to face the challenges of life. Do you have any such experience ? Narrate your experience of guidance from parents in eighty words.

4.Comment on the central theme of the poem ‘If.

5. “Women will enjoy the same right as men......” This is Gandhiji’s unshaking opinion.
Write four arguments agreeing or disagreeing with Gandhiji’s point of view.

6. Comment on the significance of the title 'The Price of Flowers’.

For complete question paper and key download the pdf files given below. Answer key is provided by
Sunil. J, HSST Jr. English, GHSS Mylachal , Thiruvanathapuram and
Joseph Sunny HSST Jr. English, Chaldean Syrian HSS (08055), Thrissur

.pdf   Plus One Improvement Exam 2022- English Question Paper.pdf (Size: 706.49 KB / Downloads: 8,347)

.pdf   Plus One Improvement Exam 2022- English Answer key by Sri Sunil J and Joseph Sunny.pdf (Size: 236.22 KB / Downloads: 6,377)

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