Plus One Annual Exam 2022- Geology Question paper with Key
Kerala DHSE Plus One Geology Annual Exam 2022 question paper and answer key in PDF format can be had from the links below.

+1 Geology exam was held on 22-06-2022 Friday.

Certain questions that were asked for Geology Board Exam 2022 :
  • Colour of the powder of a mineral is called its ------------
  • Mineral used in the manufacture of Pencils is ----------------
  • Share your understanding about green house effect.
  • How are medial moraines formed ?
  • What do the following branches of Geology deal with ?
(a)    Palaeontology
(b)    Structural Geology
©Â Â   Geomorphology

  • State the postulates of Nebular hypothesis.
  • Earth processes can be divided into external and internal processes. What is the
difference between these two ? Explain by giving suitable examples.

[*]“Based on the chemical composition and physical behaviour, rocks inside the earth
can be classified into different layers.”
(a)    Write a short note on asthenosphere.
(b)    Point out any three characteristics of the earth’s core.

Detailed question paper on +1 Geology exam can be had from below.

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.pdf   Plus One Board Exam June 2022 Official Answer Key- Geology.pdf (Size: 910.6 KB / Downloads: 626)

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